More than a year of hard work with individuals and teams dedicating their time and efforts have reaped great reward for the Sport Is Your Gang initiative in Dominican Republic! The kids are back at Galaxy Gym, learning the art and spirit of Muaythai.

Boxing Equipment Shock brand will be sponsoring part of the cost of manufacturing the necessary equipment for the boys to practice Muaythai.

A charity raffle was organized on May the 23rd as a fund raiser for vital equipment, where 100% of the target was met and will go towards buying gloves, bandages, shields and pants. Companies like Billabong, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Excursions Marinarium, Capuccine, Balicana, El Portico, Amaluna, Nature Center and Galaxy Gym also donated gifts for the raffle.

Ernesto Veloz, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Projects of the East Zone has lent a hand to the project in providing the transportation to get the boys to the Galaxy Gym.

They have also been conducting talks with the boys of Nazareth Educational Center, located in the most problematic area of Bavaro in order to educate young people to change the gang problems through sport.

The team at Dominican republic headed by Mr Ricardo Bonamusa, CEO and Head Coach of Galaxy Gym Punta Cana and President of the Federación Dominicana de Muaythai are very pleased and excited about the project. He adds that, ‘Thanks to this, we can continue the development of Muaythai among the neediest youngsters. A very important task for us knowing the benefits that they will bring to them.

We at IFMA congratulate the team for their hard work and dedication and the sponsors for their valuable contribution towards bringing hope and a positive change for the youngsters of the Dominican Republic through the power of sport!