One of the young members in IFMA family has been showing amazing adoption of IFMA values organising a great event for the youth of the Medellin city, which will host the South American Championships in December this year.

Hundreds of kids gathered for the Muaythai demonstration, participated in the group Muaythai exercise, got presents, and build a special bonding with the Muaythai athletes and officials of Colombia who shared their skills and opened their hearts for all little participants.
The President of the Colombian Muaythai Federation, Mr David Gonzales said that he is proud to be a member of IFMA and Panamerican Muaythai Federation, and he will keep organising regular events for the youth. Seeing youth smiling and having fun is the reason for us to keep our work for making a difference in someone’s life.

Started in Mexico by the President of PMF, Ms Elisa Salinas Sport Is Your Gang spread around the South and Central America with strong campaigns in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and many more making difference in lives of the young people every day.

IFMA can only applaud to the work of Mr Gonzales who makes Muaythai available for Every Body in the spirit of Respect, Honour, Tradition, Excellence and Fair Play.