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Host team Argentina – Eli Del Prete – in action, women’s divisions today! PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

After a blistering opening day yesterday, the Pan-American nations were in action again today with most divisions reaching semi-final stages. And for some youth athletes, it was medal-time already, such an excitement to win your first medal for your country and for coaches to see the stars of tomorrow in the making. Today saw action in the women’s divisions with almost all teams sending female athletes to compete, a huge step-up on earlier years in this region and a testament to the hard work done by the Female Commissions.

Team USA had another strong day sending through Janet Todd, Angela Whitely and Seline Flores in the women’s teams.

Win for Team USMF's Angela Whitley as the women's divisions kick off PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF
Win for Team USMF’s Angela Whitley as the women’s divisions kick off PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

In the youth divisions Colombia claimed a gold at the 15 year old category. David Gonzales, head of the Colombian Muaythai Federation said: “Moise Arango won at the South American championships in September, but now we’re so excited – he is the first Pan American champion for Colombia. Just 15 years old, can’t wait to see what he does in future.”

Peru also had another strong day, sending through Lisanne La Sonrisa, bronze medalist at world IFMA level in Minsk, as well as the Mazzetti brothers and Ian Escuza. Escuza defeated last year’s champion at this weight  category from the USMF camp, in a bout described as a war by those watching.

And host team Argentina is still very much in contention, sending through a strong contingent both at youth and senior levels – all the way to the finals tomorrow.

Youth gold for Colombia!

Elisa Salinas head of the Pan-American Muaythai Confederation said it has been a great tournament so far, and she’s really proud to see how far muaythai has grown in the region. Ms Salinas herself is one of the drivers of this success, having hosted the world championships in Cancun earlier this year.

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