Challenger Muaythai has been one of the most popular reality shows with over 400 million viewers around the world and nominated for en International Emmy. Millions of people wanted to a return of their heroes and Z1 made it possible.


Challenger finalist Jordan Watson took on the Malaysian hero who made it to the quarter final, being pride of the nation, Faizal Ramli. The stadium erupted when Faizal entered the ring and the audience were treated with the best performance by both fighters. It was Jordan Watson who showed why he is the top 5 in the world taking Faizal by point decision.


The second semi-final saw challenger champion and former WMC world champion, Mardsua Tum from Thailand taking on Frank Giorgi, the Australian champion. Mardsua left no doubt why he is the challenger champion taking a point decision, but Frank Giorgi left his mark by injuring Mardsua.


The final was a rematch of the Challenger Final and Jordan Watson settling the score as Mardsua could not come out on the final round due to his injury. Jordan Watson, the people’s champion, had won the royal trophy. Congratulations to all fighters, to the promoters of Z1 for an outstanding event, and the whole world is eagerly awaits the next Royal World Cup in 2016.