This weekend’s Chitalada Showdown Muaythai gala was a smashing success, featuring some friendly Finnish-Swedish competition between Nordic neighbours.

The results of the amateur fights were as follows:

In a close Sweden-Finland female fight, Rautanen fought hard but Olofsson carried the day.

Female Division:

Marjo Rautanen, Chitalada Finland- Sofia Olofsson, Sweden
Winner: Olofsson

Teemu Hellevaara, Chitalada, Finland- Alexader Vartiaynen,HTBC, Finland

Winner: Hellevaara

Mari Hiltunen, Chitalada Finland- Riina Sipovaara, HTBC, Finland
Winner: Hiltunen

Male Division:

Joni Huuska, Chitalada Finland- Teemu Lindgren, HTBC, Finland
Winner: Huuska

In the event’s closing Finland-Sweden fight, Kuitunen made his countrymen proud by emerging victorious.

Jussi Kuitunen, Chitalada Finland- Viktor Rundholm, Sweden
Winner: Kuitunen