Faisal Zakaria is someone who needs no introduction in the muaythai world. He started his journey in IFMA as the first Sudanese athlete competing at the world championship level where he earned his nickname as the Diamond. Everyone remembers the IFMA World Championship in 2003 in Kazakhstan when he was one of the most outstanding athletes.

From there he continued to become one of the top 10 athletes in the WMC rankings moving up from a super middleweight to lightweight and then a heavyweight making the diamond one of the most popular fighters on the circuit.
He married Caitalin and emigrated to New Zealand. His wife a muaythai enthusiast but also a talented photographer joined the IFMA family for many events.
Faisal has continued his close relationship with IFMA and in discussions with the General Secretary stated that he wanted to go back and contribute to one of the poorest countries in the world promoting the art of muaythai, spreading the values and promoting muaythai for everyone.
What started as a vision has now become a reality with the Diamond giving seminars around the country and working closely with the NOC and the Sport’s Ministry, going back to the streets to give the new generation hope and dreams as everyone wants to become the Diamond.
IFMA says thank you to one of our most outstanding ambassadors.