The main celebration event of the December, Rajadamnern Stadium 78th Year Anniversary celebrated Rajadamnern Stadium beyond physical contests, each fight at this iconic venue celebrated a chapter in a cultural narrative spanning generations.

One of the most anticipated fight cards took place highlighting the stadium’s legacy and commitment to preserving the authenticity and traditions of Thailand’s national sport while at the same time, elevating and promoting Thailand’s national treasure to the rest of the world as an IOC recognized sport.

With a roaring stadium filled to the last seat the 2023 fight card of the year was everything fans could have hoped for.

Highlights of the night included Comeback with a brutal head kick to Chailar.

Petchsaman was on top of his game having Diesellek on the defense and counterattack. Petchsaman’s reflexes were super sharp with his targets on point and leaving no attack uncountered for the win.

In the 57kg division, View gave current RWS champion, Yothin, a run for his money using his movement around the ring and aggression to keep the champ on the defense and counter attack. It was another upset for the night with View securing the win from Yothin.

But the main treat was the main event with Capitan and Tapaokaew. It was Capitan’s hands vs Tapokaew’s hands and elbows with both athletes pouring their heart onto the canvas from start to finish. Tapokaew didn’t let the champ breathe applying constant pressure to the IFMA and World Games champion. In the end it was a devastating upset with Topaokaew bringing home the win.

It was a night of upsets on this R78th main event anniversary but truly amazing contests between game opponents highlighting the hunger and heart shown from the athletes fighting at the oldest most historic stadium in Thailand on a truly important celebratory night of the year.