In collaboration with the National Olympic Committee of Vietnam and the highest government sport authority, the Vietnam Sports Administration, the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) successfully completed a comprehensive Rules & Regulation Course. The distinctive course drew a crowd of almost 400 coaches and referees from across Vietnam, who were keen to delve into the complexities of IFMA sports event management.

The course was exceptionally managed by Mr. Somchai Sripiew, the respected Chair of the Referee & Judge (R&J) Commission, and Mr. Ryan Rudkin, an IFMA International Technical Official. They enriched the course content with their in-depth experience and expertise, covering all competition aspects from Athlete Registration and Accreditation to the declaration of final results.

Notably, Vietnam Sports Administration, one of Asia’s most outstanding members, played a pivotal role in the course’s organisation. IFMA wishes to extend its deep gratitude to Ms. Tu Le Na, who oversees the Muaythai Division within the Sports Authority of Vietnam, who also serves as an Executive Board Member of the Federation of Muaythai Associations of Asia (FAMA).

Vietnam has been a prominent host to major events like the SEA Games and Asian Beach Games in recent years, with muaythai being a key sport included. The successful completion of this course stands as a testament to Vietnam’s and IFMA’s commitment to uphold exceptional standards within muaythai, promoting a legacy of excellence and sportsmanship.

H.E. Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyadi, President of the Federation of Muaythai Associations of Asia (FAMA), IFMA’s Asian Continental arm, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the participants of the Rules & Regulation Course. “The past month has been an educational highlight for the Asian continent. With over 400 coaches participating in the Online Scout Manager (OSM) Seminar in India, and nearly 400 coaches and referees attending the rules and regulations workshop in Vietnam, we’ve witnessed an exceptional thirst for knowledge and professional development in sports,” he stated. He further added, “IFMA and FAMA remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing true Olympism by seamlessly blending sports with culture and education. Our focus is not only to create athletes but to foster well-rounded individuals who embody the true spirit of sportsmanship.”