A meeting was held in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg to inspect all preparations for the 2012 IFMA World Championship which will be held on year ahead of the 2013 SportAccord Combat Games.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox , EMF General Secretary Rafal Szlachta and EMF Sport Director Erik Aruszanjan led by the President of the Russian Muaythai Federation Dmitry Putilin, inspected all venues, hotels and had meetings with the government to ensure that everything is on track for 2012.

St. Petersburg, one of the most historical cities in the world while muaythai is a martial art with ancient traditions; this makes St. Petersburg just the perfect venue for the 2012 IFMA World Championships.

The world is eagerly awaiting the event, and the organisers are working hard to ensure that all visitors will be sure to leave with fond memories of a spectacular opening ceremony and smooth competition.