The Portuguese Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai (FPKM) celebrated 33 years of existence with a Gala Awards Event that honoured its stakeholders for their success and contributions.

The most sought after venue in Lisbon, The Champlimaud Foundation was the perfect location to host the annual Anniversary Gala of the federation. The VIP guest list included President of the NOC, Dr. José Manuel Constantino, Former Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Dr. Laurentino Dias, President of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, Professor Carlos Paula Cardoso, Former Minister of Sport, Dr. Luís Marques Mendes and Her Excellency Krongkanit Rakcharoen Ambassador to Thailand.

The evening began with heartfelt speeches from the FPKM President Nuno Margaca and Vice President & IFMA Executive Board member Ana Vital Melo.

IFMA Director General was invited and was given the honour of presenting the awards to the outstanding Muaythai athletes of the FPKM.

The Nak Muay of the FPKM have seen some great development over the last years and it is showcased in the recent successes at the 2021 IFMA World Championships in Bangkok last December where the team took home 2 bronze and 2 silver medals, and where Portugal’s Diogo Calado secured his place to compete at the upcoming World Games in Birmingham Alabama this July. Also a great performance from the delegation at the recent European Championships in February in Istanbul where they secured 3 bronze and 3 silver medals.


IFM Director General Charissa Tynan stated, “They say it takes a village to raise a child. In that same notion, I believe it takes a global community of strong national federations to develop a sport towards highest recognition. And it is thanks to the work on the ground of the IFMA national federations such as the FPKM that IFMA has managed to make the achievements to position our sport of muaythai to where it is today… Full recognition by the International Olympic Committee, inclusion in the Olympic patronised games such as the World Games and European Olympic Games, providing more opportunities for our athletes.

I’d like to urge all stakeholders of the FPKM to continue your contribution to the development of our sport. To the athletes, not only to your commitment to training, sparring and kicking the pads, but also your commitment to education on anti-doping, and athletes rights and responsibilities. To the administrators and the leadership, I urge for your continued commitment to ensuring a unified direction under the IFMA pillars of Honour, Tradition, Excellence, Respect & Fair Play to create the best opportunities for your athletes whilst safeguarding their health safety and well-being.

Congratulations to you all, let us celebrate your achievements so far, and look forward to your continued journey for the future.”

H.E. Krongkanit Rakcharoen mentioned that it was so pleasant to see the Portuguese athletes true passion and love for the sport of muaythai and offered her full support towards promoting the cultural and traditional aspects of the sport and art of muaythai, by working closely with the IFMA member national federation.