President Dr.Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that it is a true honour for Thailand to be hosting for the first time the Youth World Championships and that the country takes pride in welcoming all participants from all five continents. He also added that Thailand has big shoes to fill after past successful events in Malaysia, Russia and Istanbul.The event will be held in cooperation with the Royal Thai Government, the City of Bangkok and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMTAT) under royal patronage, sanctioned by IFMA, the world governing body of the sport.

Over 800 athletes and officials will be coming together for the sole purpose of sport and cultural exchange but most importantly for friendship.

IFMA Sport Director, Charissa Tynan was happy to announce that alongside the muaythai competitions, the championship will include many other activities such as Wai Kru, Muay Boran and Muay Aerobics competitions. Activities such as these, help showcase and promote all aspects of the martial art as a way of life as well as a healthy lifestyle.


This year, a 3 day conference will be held, entitled: Youth, Education and the Future. Many speakers, including representatives from UN Woman and UNESCO will be present. The goal, is to share knowledge and wisdom between one another in order to make better changes and to improve the lives of youths through sport.

A cultural exchange programme will also be organised between 30 schools and the visiting teams, allowing the Thai and international children to learn about the vast varieties of cultures and traditions. Most importantly, to instill open-mindedness, strong ties and friendships.

A Gala Night will also be organised on the day of the finals, making this the highlight and one of the most anticipated event of the Youth World Championships. Awards will be given to some the most outstanding young athletes for their sporting and social achievements.