An important continental briefing took place between the IFMA headquarters Bangkok, IFMA office in the Olympic capital of Lausanne and the Oceania Muaythai Federation.

The meeting was opened by OMF President and IFMA Vice President Sue Glassey. She thanked IFMA for coming in under a different time zone and thanked all Australia’s and New Zealand’s gyms for their attendance in the important meeting.


Secretary General of Australian muaythai and Executive Board Member Abby Nelson welcomed everyone on behalf of Muaythai Australia and thanked IFMA for the important briefing to plan post pandemic activities.

IFMA Director Charissa Tynan welcomed everyone extending warm regards from the IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan and Vice President General Udomdej. She gave a detailed presentation on IFMA’s upcoming events from the 2021 World Championships in Bangkok, 2022 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Chonburi, World Games in the United States, World Combat Games in Riyadh and certainly Arafura Games in Australia.


IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox gave an in-depth presentation on IFMA’s mission towards highest recognition and our responsibilities as an IOC recognised federation.


IFMA’s Anti-Doping Administrator, Azadeh Kamyabi gave a presentation on IFMA’s fair play policies, in and out of competition testing and educational tools that were available to athletes and coaches. She reminded all stakeholders on the importance of a unified effort and responsibility to protect the clean athletes.


Chair of IFMA’s athlete commission Janice Lyn presented IFMA’s athlete career programmes and the IFMA policies to ensure health and wellbeing of the athletes. She also presented IFMA’s one standard muaythai education programme which will be launched in the later part of the year to ensure that all national level education is standardised.

The meeting was closed by the IFMA Director and the representatives of the Australian and New Zealand federations.