Dear IFMA,

On behalf of all the participating athletes we would like to say thank you to the Thai Government, Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and our IFMA for an outstanding, unforgettable, 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup.

Being a part of IFMA is being a part of a family. Everyone cares for each other and we the athletes know that the organisers and the IFMA executives will do their best to make sure that we, regardless of where we come from, can participate and be the best we can be. This year, and I speak for all of us, was truly special. Transfer from the hotel was perfect, food was excellent and the hotel itself, with all the changes made by IFMA such as the gym, cultural corner, exhibition was for the athletes, to say in one word, perfect.

The fact that a gym was built with a full boxing ring, punching bag station, weigh in, medical all under one roof, fantastic volunteers and the judging system from the highest and fairest standard. The Gala Night was something I will never forget and to become the ‘best female athlete’ in such a glamourous night can only be described as a dream come true and for the others I’m sure they all will strive for the next years’ awards.

So from all of us – thank you. Surely everyone wants to win, but in IFMA they say, ‘ there are no losers in Muaythai, we are all friends’  and wherever you go regardless of it being at the stadium, or the hotel or the cultural square or the dining rooms you can truly feel this.

Thank you and see you in Sweden!

Valentina Shevchenko
Chairperson IFMA Athletes’ Commission

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