The Nordic championship this year has a special feeling. As for the first time the IFMA World Championship has been awarded to one of the Nordic countries, Sweden 2016. Swedish Muaythai President and IFMA Board Executive Member Pernilla Johansson, said that everyone is looking forward to this event where IFMA tradition, the athletes are the heart of all. Pernilla, who is one of the most outstanding IFMA athletes and multiple world champion, made many heartfelt interviews during the event and stated how much Muaythai has improved in the Nordic countries including Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Events like this are important as the best athletes from over 100 countries are coming to Sweden next year in May to participate in this event. The Nordic championship saw again World class matches showing that the Nordic countries are ready to take on the World and the best athletes have been best female athlete, Sofia Olofsson, the current IFMA world champion who was also awarded the Queen’s trophy in Thailand for the most outstanding female athlete in the championship.


Best male fighter, Magnus Andesom, who is one of the biggest hope of Sweden in the middle weight in the upcoming world championship. The best junior fighter comes from Finland, Niko Korventaus, displaying the outstanding talent of the future of Muaythai.