IFMA and muaythai have truly gained world sporting recognition by SportAccord, OCA, TAFISA, IWGA, FISU and is in the process for IOC recognition.

IFMA Royal World Cup will see over 2500 athletes and officials, delegates coming for this ten-day event with one of the highlights being the Night of Olympism to celebrate and honour the five pillars of muaythai – Respect, Honour, Tradition, Fair Play, Excellence.

There will be an award night where the best past and present athletes, social campaigns will be voted by 130 countries and the panel of judges. The night will be held in cooperation with the Brazilian Government to get into the mood for the 2016 Olympic Games held in beautiful Rio De Janeiro and the programme of the night will include Brazilian flair with samba, capoera and Brazilian carnival.

Over 2000 delegates from muaythai, sporting world, representation of all the Embassies and Consulates, guests from around the world and the event will be telecast live and will be a night to be remembered.