IFMA congratulates Ms. Nicole Kaiser on being elected the new President of the Swedish Muaythai Federation.

Sweden has long been recognized as one of the leading examples of social inclusion and holds one of IFMA’s strongest female muaythai teams on the planet. This month, Sweden continues promoting its strong female leaders through the election of former Vice President and new President of the Swedish Muaythai Federation, Ms. Nicole Kaiser.

Ms. Kaiser has been active in the art and sport of Muaythai since 2017 and since then, has diligently worked her way up the Swedish Muaythai Federation and gained respect through her various positions as an international referee since 2019, President of Odenplan Fightgym since 2019, Chair of the Youth and Development Council in Sweden and Vice President of the Swedish Muaythai Federation since 2020.

Professionally, Ms. Kaiser holds degrees in political science, international relations and leadership in crisis. She was a former military officer in the Swedish Armed Forces and involved with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Congratulations to the new President of Svenska Muaythaiforbundet! IFMA is certainly proud and honored to have another female President.