Over the past weekend the City Council of Porto Alegre was the venue for yet another Brazilian National Referee & Judges course organized by the CBMTT, the course was done in accordance with the international rules issued by IFMA – International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, the world governing body for amateur Muaythai.


The course was led by the CBMTT National Referee Director Ingrid Jost, who was extremely pleased with the presence of so many executive delegates such as leaders of the various regions of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, City council member Ver. Airto Ferronato and the President of CBMTT, Mr. Carlos Alberto Pereira Portolan, who opened the event.


FEMTERGS, the official entity that coordinates the Muaythai evnets in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, was represented by its President, Master Jelson Costa, who devised the course as a means of developing a larger group of trained referees to ensure future events can deliver a high technical standard.


Mateus Muller, National Director of Marketing and CBMTT Mr. Sadi Rodrigues, Ivoti entrepreneur whom is now also a part of the CBMTT promised many new features for the sport in Brazil very soon.


“This was the event in which participants reached the highest grade. I’m Very happy.” Said Ingrid Jost.

president portolan