Muaythai’s youth ambassador Kiana Guyon travelled to Gwangju, South Korea and has been taking in some great experiences from her participation at the 12th UN Youth Leadership Programme (YLC).

With regards to the activities on Day 3 of the YLC, Kiana stated “It was an honour to have met two amazing speakers from the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) today. Throughout various activities created by the participants themselves, we were able to face different challenges on how to integrate people with disabilities into a sporting game, making sure they get full participation and fun. We learn that sports can see pass all the disadvantages and disabilities that one might have. Everybody plays an important role, whether it’s in sports or in everyday life.”

We look forward to receiving a full report from Kiana upon her return to find out what interesting muaythai activity she developed to show how muaythai is for every body.