Hello again from beautiful Trinidad and Tobago!

The people of Trinidad and Tobago, regardless of their origins, have one thing in common: hospitality from the heart and openness towards visitors especially our World Muaythai Family.

Hanging out or “liming” is a favourite pastime and our muaythai sisters and brothers are always welcome to join a lime any time of the day or week! 

There are celebrations and festivals all year round. All religions celebrate public holidays together – whether it is Divali-the Hindu festival of lights or Christmas.

The cultural highlight is without a doubt Carnival, one of the largest Carnival celebrations in the world.

During Carnival, mesmerizing costumes and vibrant street partying take centre stage. 

Today, we welcome you to experience the Art of 8 Limbs from our talented athletes.


Crystal Mahabir

Aiden Seepersad

Arianna Ruben

Darian Rajkumar

Damien Ablack