Seven days of festivities and over 100,000 visitors came to an end in a beautiful closing ceremony involving 150+ performers. It was a week of ancient traditions, heroes came alive, as festival goers were transported back for 300 years, transforming the sport complex at the Sport Authority of Thailand into a beautiful festival ground. The cooperation between the Royal Thai Government, the WMC, AMTAT, IFMA and others paid off as so much positive news has emerged, and “Wan Muaythai 2020” is already in planning.

Over 500 VIPs came to the closing ceremony, led by the WMC and IFMA Presidents, celebrating the life and achievements of King Prachao Sua with a special candle ceremony held in honour of H< King Rama 10th. It was a week of conferences, forums, performances, competitions, executive and commission meetings, the muaythai world coming together to plan upcoming events and activities, showcasing why muaythai is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world and why IFMA is rightfully the sole federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee. IFMA will continue to play its important role in protecting and fostering the cultural elements of the sport while at the same time develop towards the future, the next 300 years have just begun.