This year’s “Wan Muaythai” Festival had so many highlights and has received highest praises from both the Thai and international press. One of the highlights was the Muaythai village inside the festival compound covering approximately 900 square metres transporting visitors back some 316 years to the time of the reign of King Phra Chao Sua a.k.a. the Tiger King, father of Muaythai.

Each day saw some 10,000+ visitors witnessing the different re-enactments and activities.

February 6th is the official day and H.E. General Kasem Yoosuk led the visiting delegates of IFMA Executive Board members, Ambassadors and many other high officials from around the world. It was a moment to remember and again everyone is full of praises for this year’s initiative led by the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and World Muaythai Council under royal patronage, and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur recognised by the International Olympic Committee.