This day has come as the European Muaythai champions started to arrive to Minsk for Europe’s biggest Muaythai event in 2019.

So many big names joined their teams which promises a week of top Muaythai performance in the Minsk Palace of Sport. The athletes from the host country alone fill nearly each weight division with athletes who know what it means to be IFMA champion and holding the belts of prestigious Muaythai galas.

Such names as Jimmy Vienot, Sofia Olofsson, Vinnikovas sisters, Vasil Sorokin, Andrey Kulebin, Satu Mykkanen, Norbert Speth, Nili Block and so many more will be seen in the field of play which will make the European Muaythai Championships 2019 a must watch event for any follower of martial arts in the world.

This Tuesday, 5 of November the opening ceremony will be followed by the first event bouts with the continuation of so many rivalries taking place in the ring.