An amazing show took place in Lebanon with athletes from Russia, Jordan, Cyprus, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria gathering to fight at the international tournament “Defenders of the Castle”.

The title of the event corresponded to the unique venue chosen for the competition which was the Sidon Sea Castle dating back to the thirteenth century.

The press conference gathered a full house of the press from newspapers and TV when the President of the Lebanese Muaythai Federation Mr. Sami Kiblawi introduced the athletes and invited all the media to attend the event and enjoy Muaythai in one of the most famous historical sites in Lebanon.

The event started with the cultural part of Muaythai where a demonstration group showed the art of Muay Boran with ancient Muaythai techniques.

The bouts of male and female athletes followed the demonstration and the crowd was truly impressed by the blend of sport and history at this beautiful place and the trophies went to the winners of the event with the belt of the Defender of The Castle being the award of the night.

Spectators were truly thrilled by amazing bouts and the landscape of the venue, and for the Lebanese Muaythai Federation it was another outstanding Muaythai event held in the beautiful city of Saidon.