It was a night of glamour and fame for all the recognised martial arts in Sweden where many athletes were nominated for prestigious awards. Muaythai was honoured by three awards showing again the popularity of the sport and hype muaythai brings to Sweden on the eve of the World Muaythai Championships in the city of Jonkoping.Sofia Olofsson was a true star of the night called at stage twice to receive the Female Champion of the Year award and Martial Artist of the Year award. Half a year earlier Sofia was distinguished with the Queen trophy at the Royal World Cup 2015.

Sofia has become one of the true ambassadors of Swedish muaythai continuing the long traditions of Swedish long class athletes such as Jurgen Krug, Martin Holm, Pernilla Jochansson and so many others.

Congratulations and with the world championships around the corner this will be a major boost.

Also Pelle Banghall received a Coach of the Year trophy for taking Swedish team to so many victories and that he continues to let Swedish flag fly high at IFMA.

Pelle Banghall
Congratulation to the Swedish Muaythai Federation. Only two months left until the opening ceremony of the 2016 IFMA World Championships in which Jonkoping will be the center of the muaythai world for an unforgettable ten days when all participants will experience Swedish hospitality and World Class muaythai.