The second day of the world forum was again a full day of interesting topics including some of the most knowledgeable professors from Thailand including Professor Sontaya Pongpiboon (Chulalongkorn University), Dr. Sontaya Seelamad (Srinakarinwirot University), Dr. Samran Suksawaeng (Chombueng University), Dr. Anant Meksawan (Physical Education Chaiuaphum) and Dr. Wassana Butrpho (Ramkamhaeng University).

The main panel was also joined by a representative of the Sport Authority of Thailand, Ajarn Paramet Pakdeekiripraiwan, in addition to Dato Shanaz, IFMA Vice President and the IFMA General Secretary, Mr. Stephan Fox.

Thailand recognizes IFMA as the sole federation of international Muaythai and Dhato Shanaz explained the international structure of Muaythai from athlete, gym, national federation, continental federation and the world body, IFMA.


Mr. Fox then got a clear briefing on international sport practice and the Sport Authority of Thailand again confirmed that they only recognize IFMA as the international governing body as they follow clearly the international Olympic committee, the sport and the International Federations recognized.