The Pan-American Muaythai Championships kick off this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina as the host city for the Youth Olympics prepares for another spectacular sporting event. The Pan-Ams are the final continental level event on the IFMA calendar for 2018, and follow on the heels of the Asian Championships in Macau just a few days ago.

National teams from 20 countries have already landed in Buenos Aires, coming from as far north as Canada and from the southern tips of Chile. The three day tournament runs over the weekend in the central sports hall Club Atletico Atlanta.

Continuing the momentum of the Youth Olympics and the social projects Muaythai Argentina does under the Sport Is Your Gang banner, the youth divisions form a central part of the tournament.

Ms. Elisa Salinas, president of the Pan-American Muaythai Federation stated Argentina and Buenos Aires was chosen to keep celebration of the youth sport going.

Some of the biggest names in PanAmerican muaythai are jumping the ropes over the next few days. Gabriel Mazetti, bronze medalist at The World Games 2017 and his team-mate Luna Tobin Pan-American champion line up for Peru. Team USA has brought Janet Todd, also bronze at The World Games 2017 and Luis Morales silver medalist at the Worlds this year.

Peru’s Gabriel Mazzetti in BA

Other experienced athletes include Bryan Burgos (Honduras), Taylor McClatchie (Canada)
Strong youth performances are expected from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil in particular.

This year was a successful one for the Pan-American continent with the World Muaythai Championships held in Cancun, Mexico for the first time. The South American Championships were held in Ecuador in September. And during the YOG an inspiring initiative linked muaythai and hundreds of children at a workshop held in cooperation between IFMA and the United Through Sport campaign.

The Pan-American Championships in Buenos Aires concludes the busy sports calendar for IFMA.  Three more days of traditional Pi Muay music will keep Muaythai spirit in one of the Olympic capitals of 2018, Buenos Aires.

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