On 14th Feb 2007 whilst most people were enjoying a private moment with his love one, 30 Chinese Muaythai fighters were training hard as usual.

These fine athletes, on average 17 years of age, some came some from Beijing, some from Wu Nan, in short from all over China. They were recruited from provinces to provinces, to receive formal muaythai training under the watchful eyes of China National Coach Mr. Li Jianping, and Cheang Tak Wai (whom is also a significant figure in Macau Muaythai and IFMA).

Muaythai, just like all other Martial Arts :Karate, Taekwando, Sanda, Wushu , & Judo, is under the direct management of the General Administration of Sport of China, hence, Mr. Chen Guorong – Deputy Director of the Wushu Administrative Centre, General Administration of Sport came all the way from the capital Beijing to Zhu Hai City to unveil the opening of the first ever All China Muaythai Squad, and said that “he is delighted to see the formation of the national squad, and expect to select from these young men, the first ever China Muaythai Team to participate the 2007 Macau Indoor Games”.

The Deputy Director at the same time announced the formation of the China Muaythai Association Preparation Committee, which is intending to finish off all necessary ground work for the future China Muaythai Association.

Mr. Chen GuoRong/ Deputy Director of Wushu Administrative Centre
Mr. Jeremy Chan/ Deputy Director of FAMA

FAMA Deputy Director Mr. Jeremy Chan was invited to witness the opening and said afterward: these young men, despite their lack of muaythai knowledge, show full potential in this sport, I believe, not only they will do well in the 07 Macau Indoor Games, but quite soon, they shall be a major Muaythai force not to be taken lightly.

Mr. Siu Kuok Veng/President of Macau Muaythai Association and Vice President of FAMA, Mr. Wong Shun Cheung/Secretary of Macau Muaythai Association came as special VIPs and formally invited the newly formed team to participate the 2007 Indoor Games and was quickly accepted by Deputy Director Mr. Chen.

IFMA/ FAMA also contributed to the formation of the first National Squad, as a result, Mr. Cheang Tak Wai Vice President of Macau Muaythai Association & Mr. Lee Yuk Tim, Vice President of FAMA, Executive Director of IFMA, President of Hong Kong Muaythai Association 2 renown figures from Asia Muaythai world, were invited to be Technical Consultant and they will, in their best efforts, to provide all technical muaythai knowledge to the China Team.