On the fourth day of the 4th Asian Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand, the long awaited Muaythai competition started and it was beyond anyone’s expectations.

The beach stadium set in the middle of Patong beach, in the most beautiful setting was filled to the bursting point; in fact, the stadiums were so full that people had to be turned away at the door as there was no room inside and had to watch the action from the screens.

Even the VIP section had a waiting queue, and this showed the popularity of Muaythai in which 10% of audience were Thai, and the remaining 90% of the viewers were from all over the world.

The first day saw the Thai team, the pride of Thailand, winning all their matches. Iran also showed up with huge support and also showed why they are one of Asia’s power houses by winning all of their preliminary matches.


Vietnam, Afghanistan, Philippines, China, Malaysia, and Uzbekistan, all saw fighters advancing into the second round. Lebanon was another surprise team, winning all their matches in the first day as well.


Expect the second day to be another exciting action-packed day with the stadium filled to capacity when the other teams start to send their athletes in to compete in the perfect backdrop of Patong beach. Muaythai would like to thank the Olympic Council of Asia and the Asian Beach Games for this opportunity to showcase the skills and hearts of the participating athletes, and judging on the popularity so far, Muaythai is here to stay.


Day 1 Results

1. Vietnam win vs Singapore, male 48kg class

2. Afghanistan win vs Hong Kong, male 48kg class

3. Thailand win vs Iraq, male 48kg class

4. Thailand win vs India, male 54kg class

5. Iran win vs Uzbekistan, male 71kg class

6. Thailand win vs China, male 71kg class

7. Iran win vs Uzbekistan, male 75kg class

8. Philippines win vs India, male 75kg class

9. Iran win vs Kyrgyzstan, male 81kg class

10. China win vs Tajikistan, female 51kg class

11. Malaysia win vs Kazakhstan, male 63.5kg class

12. Vietnam win vs Singapore, male 63.5kg class

13. Lebanon win vs Turkmenistan, male 63.5kg class

14. Uzbekistan win vs Iraq, male 63.5kg class

15. Philippines win vs India, male 63.5kg class

16. Lebanon win vs Singapore, female 57kg class

17. Thailand win vs Malaysia, female 57kg class

18. Lebanon win vs Korea, male 67kg class

19. India win vs Iraq, female 60kg class