WMC and IFMA under sanctioning of the CMTC-A will organise a super show of WMC Sanctioned fights, Thailand versus the World.

On the fight card will be…

Main Event WMC MAD Title Bout

Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn 65-30 (Thailand) vs. 160lbs Jason “Essex Boy” Woodham 14-21 (England) *

Nonsai is ranked number 3 in the WMC World ranking against one of England’s rising stars

Nick “The Quiet Assassin” Penner 14-1 (Edm) vs. 215lbs Tyson Folino 8-0 (Australia)

Mukai “The Afikan Assasin” Maromo 15-3 (Edm) vs. 154lbs Ole Or Piriyapinyo 49-16 (Thailand)

Frank Lee’s Levi Kump 18-7 (Edm) vs. 147lbs Jaipet Kiatmuangkarn 19-9 (Thailand)

Undercard Fights include….

CMTC-A Western Canadian Title Bouts

Hal Kreisel 9-1 (Edm) vs. 154lbs Chris McMillan 7-3 (Calgary)

Robbie Merrill 5-5 (Edm) vs. 150lbs Tristan Kalijundic 2-2-1 (Pickering)

Meghan Butler 5-0 (Edm) vs. 140lbs Corinne Nehme 4-1 (Ottawa)

D’arcy Von Hohenbalken 3-3 (Edm) vs. 180lbs Anson Popps 5-1 (Winnepeg)

The WMC and IFMA would like to wish the organisers the best of luck for a great show!