Unesco’s Multinational Cultural Festival

Invited by the president of Unesco himself, the Hellenic Muaythai Federation was delighted to take part in the 12th Multinational Cultural Festival, organized from 17th to 27th June 2010 in Athens, Greece, home of the Olympic Games.

The Multinational Cultural Festival is organized every year with great success. Not only do many teams from Greece participate in the Festival but also teams from abroad. In this year’s event teams from 30 countries came to Greece to participate.

2010’s event was very special for muaythai, as it was the first time that the sport has been part of Unesco’s Festival. Bearing in mind that the President of Unesco in Greece and also World Unesco Vice President Mr. Maronitis Ioannis are massive fans of the sport, muaythai was certainly the main show. The muaythai spectacular took place on Saturday 19th June at 21.00, on beautiful Village Park’s main stage as the Hellenic Muaythai Federation excited the crowds with a very dynamic and explosive show of both muaythai and muay boran.

IFMA would like to congratulate the Hellenic Muaythai Federation on their great promotion for the sport and we look forward to 2011’s Unesco Festival.