Another chapter opens in muaythai in Thailand with the press conference for Muaythai Fight. More than 600 VIP’s, promoters, boxers will come together for the upcoming 3-fight series. It will be a round-robin system, with 16 of the best welterweights – 16 turn 8, 8 turn 4, 4 turn 1.

It is the biggest prize money given out in Thailand with the winner receiving 2 million baht and a Isuzu car. The event and press conference was a major affair, showcased by Channel 3, one of the highlights being 16 famous muaythai superstars of past and present singing the song of muaythai – Buakaw, Yodsaenklai, Anuwat, Saenchai, and old heroes like Diesel Noi, Samart, Pud Pat Noi, Apidej.

This event will be showcasing the work of the WMC over many years, with shows like Contender and the upcoming Challenger, and promises to be a Hollywood-style production in Thailand. A special thank you must go to Thai promoter Jatui, who has certainly been a visionary for this event.

Congratulations to all involved, and muaythai is certainly moving forward in Thailand with events like this, the upcoming WMC World Muaythai Conference, and the IFMA World Championships in honour of His Majesty the King’s birthday. 2010 will definitely end on a big note with all these exciting events planned!