June 23rd the entire world took part in the largest 24hr Olympic digital workout. Olympic Athletes of all sports disciplines came together as one to celebrate and promote the Spirit of Olympism in Action Through the campaign over 240 Million People from all walks of life joined the activities.

The IFMA Family proudly recognised by the IOC came together as One World One Muaythai to be a part of this historic event. IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye, literally kicked off the festivities at the IFMA Head Quarters in Bangkok with his address highlighting the importance of honouring Olympic Day and promoting the Olympic Values. IFMA Secretary General, Stephan Fox, highlighted the beauty of unity in diversity and the power and importance of non-discrimination in the Sporting World especially in the world in which we live in today. IFMA Athletes’ Commission Chair, Janice Lyn, encouraged everyone to stand strong in solidarity while promoting the Olympic Day themes of #StayActive #StayStrong and #StayHealthy.

In all corners of the world, the IFMA family shared their workouts in their own time zones in true Olympic Spirit. Some honourable mentions included a special Olympic Day run from Team Afghanistan and individual ‘Olympic Day Challenges’ from their Champions. Team Philippines also honoured Olympic Day in true MAP spirit through an online Zoom workout lead by their best coaches and athletes.

It certainly has been difficult times for athletes during the pandemic, but in the true spirit of Olympism, the sporting world, including the heart and soul, the athletes, must learn to adapt to the ever-changing sporting landscape and environment to be truly successful. IFMA’s #MuaythaiConnects Social and Active initiative was a vehicle to encourage social connectivity and physical activity during the times of social distancing. We would like to thank the IFMA Family, the NF’s, the coaches and the athletes who took part during these very challenging times and submitted their workouts and inspiring videos. It is your athleticism, encouraging words of motivation and acts of love and kindness which make our sport truly outstanding and which make us stand strong in unity and solidarity as #OneWorldOneMuaythai.

The IFMA Family was truly proud to be a part of this historic day. Enjoy the videos and photos of the IFMA Family celebrating Olympic Day 2020!

#StayStrong, #StayActive, #StayHealthy

Muaythai Connects. Every day is Olympic Day.