Denmark enjoyed a great boom in children’s participation of muaythai this year, with more and more gyms offering children’s classes, and children have become regulars at our events.

But muaythai is not only for children, it is for everyone, regardless of age and so the gym Mikenta has started up a class for people over 40 years old, which is already a great success.

The class is run by the married couple Jack and Maja, so the trainers are also 40+ and both male and female. The couple tells that they enjoy training people their own age, the students in that age group are very focused on getting the techniques right, so the training has great focus on technique. The trainer couple also tells that more people that age have injuries and are a bit stiff, so they spend a bit more time on warming up and stretching than in other classes. The students in the class are of all different body types.

Charlotte: I started because my daughter trains, it is really good training, but I don’t wish to fight, that is not for me.

Laila: I have done boxercise and then I heard about this from my little brother and had to try it. It is so much fun training muaythai I have only been 4 times so far, but I intend to keep training.

Leon:  I have always trained muaythai, and I recently started training again, I am 42 years old now, so this class appealed to me. We are more equivalent and we have more in common to talk about. It is nice with a trainer our age, they understand us better and the small flaws we have.

It is never too late to get started with muaythai!