An educational and cultural part of the World Muaythai Championships began last night with the Tourism Authority of Thailand opening up a booth for all the attendants of the event. A special demonstration of Thai culture, muaythai and an introduction in the muaythai master graduation attracted spectators which took part in an open training workshop and received special prizes for their pad work with muaythai masters.

Sweden has again proved to be a muaythai loving country as so many people wanted to test their skills with a coach specially brought from Thailand to give spectators of the Kinnarps Arena a feeling of the sport straight from the motherland.

A Thai demo team took over the matt showing the art of muaythai and its disciplines: muay boran, muay, and muay aerobics to show again that muaythai can appeal to Every Body regardless of ability, culture, age and gender.

Many memorable presents were given to all the participants whereas rounds of applause were given to the performers and instructers of the art of 8 limbs.

After an exciting experience of muaythai all the spectators moved to the stands to enjoy the third day of the World Muaythai Champonships.

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