The Royal Thai Government, as every year, organised a special event for Muaythai Day celebrated in 130 countries as it is the official birth date of muaythai. The event is an important one and many activities took place in the government compound. Activities included a conference with over a thousand people attended, various WMC and IFMA meetings and a joint meeting between IFMA and the Minister of Tourism and Sport, H.E. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul. The day ended with a spectacular Muaythai Day Gala event in the evening. It was a fantastic showdown with many VIPs, embassies and full house for all three Super 4 event.

Starting with 57 Kg division, Given Mardani from Iran beat Matoaki Takahachi from Japan in the first fight to book his place in the final. Then continue with Saen Pinsinchai from Thailand against Carmelo Ragona from Italy where Saen Pinsinchai booked his place in the final for 57 Kg.


Second weight division at 63.5 Kg saw Sravudt Lukbanyai from Thailand against Renan Olivira from Brazil where Sravudt was able to book his place in the final. Second fight was Ngian Trang Dui Nat from Vietnam against Michael Garrafo from Italy where the Vietnamese champion hand was raised and continued to the final.


The third weight division at 72 Kg, first fight saw Anantadet Petsupaphan against Nata William Gomez da Silva from Brazil where the Thai champion took the win. Second fight saw Alan Silvester from Canada against Nicholas George James from the United Kingdom. The British showed some great techniques and was able to pass to the final.

The 3 final fights were fantastic showdown. The final round for 57 Kg, Iran showed again how they are held as one of the leading countries in Asia for muaythai where Given Mardani went against Saen Pinsinchai from Thailand and in the end the Thai champion won.

The second final round for 63.5 Kg between Ngian Trang Dui Nat from Vietnam and Sravudt from Thailand.This fight truly had the crowd on their feet. A fantastic display of 2 world class athlete and the close decision went to Thailand but both fighters got a standing ovation including H..E. the Minister who was there to enjoy the event.


The last fight for 72 Kg weight division was between Anantadet Petsupaphan from Thailand and Nicholas George James from England. It was Nicholas from England who from the opening bell wanted to ensure that at least 1 of the 3 prestigious trophies will leave the Kingdom. A fantastic performance and United Kingdon won the decision.


H.E. the Minister Kobkarn said it was an incredible night of sportsmanship and entertainment. Congratulations to all the athletes participating and there is one big winner, Muaythai.