Macau Tower skywalk
Ooh! Australia, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Kazakhstan talk a walk on the edge!

Muaythai athletes taking part in the Asian Championships got a birdseye view of Macau when they were taken up on Macau Tower for an adventurous walk. They were given the opportunity by the organisers to take a SkyWalk over the city. Macau Tower is one of the highest buildings in the world, and the Skywalk platform runs around the top making it 223 metres high. And it turns out muaythai athletes were the perfect fit with no-one showing any fear at tackling the journey.

The Skywalk is run by AJ Hackett at Macau Tower and involves a 360 tour around the top of the tower, safely secured by ropes and harness of course. On the day we visited, the weather was not exactly welcoming but staff at the walk said it was perfectly safe, just a little wet.

Getting ready!

Almost everyone braved the elements, even the IFMA headquarters staff including Sport Director Charissa Tynan, setting a good example for everyone else.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan
IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan


Tuesday December 11th is gold medal day, live on IFMA media (See below) with the best of the best in action over the afternoon.

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