It is a very challenging time with Covid-19 in the air. Every click and every swipe on news channels is another negative story about a jump in the number of Covid-19 cases, restrictions and lockdowns, deaths and in general, a cultivation and promotion of fear.

This is a very serious situation and everyone should take appropriate precautions and preventative measures to prevent further spread of the virus, but we are thankful that Mongkon Academy has shed some much needed light in this time of fear and concern.

“Do Good Feel Good” is Mongkon Academy’s motto and the team is doing just that with funny, light hearted Instagram videos lead by our IFMA Athlete’s Commission Chair, Janice Lyn and the IFMA team and some fun and easy to follow “At Home Muaythai Workouts” you can easily do in the four corners of your home to help you reach your calorie expenditure goals for the day during these rather slow times.

Next week look out for some guest appearances from our General Secretary, Mr. Stephan Fox, who might just take you through a quick HIIT workout and our lovely Director and Queen of Yoga, Ms. Charissa Tynan, who may spend a few minutes taking you through some relaxing and much needed stretches to relieve those tense muscles. Staying healthy is not just about exercise. Elite athletes know very well that eating healthy is 75% of the discipline, so Mongkon Academy is also including some easy to follow cooking videos and nutrition tips to keep your body and immune system in tip top shape. We are looking on the bright side of things and this time is a good time to build new healthy habits when the “busyness” of life was the number one excuse that stood in the way of our ultimate health goals.

We are Muaythai and we will stand in solidarity to get passed these most challenging times together.

Stay safe, keep practicing social distancing and proper hygienic habits and we will see you on Mongkon Academy’s FB working on your muaythai techniques with our General Secretary, Mr. Fox, in crow’s pose with our Director, Ms. Tynan or preparing a tasty healthy meal with our Athletes’ Commission Chair, Ms. Lyn.