Caroline Aebersold needs no introduction to the world of Muaythai. A former Muaythai champion who has become one of the most respected community business leader in Australia, the CEO of a national non-profit education provider, working with approximately 20,000 young people every week. The deputy chair of suicide prevention Australia, currently competing her doctorate in international law.

Caroline is the chair of the important IFMA Ethics Commission, and knows the importance of ethics not only in sport, but in everyday life. Being a former athlete, Caroline says that the first trophy is what you take out of Muaythai, but the real rewards come from what you put in. Integrity is an important part of the sport and IFMA will continue through education workshops and practice what we teach: that everyone in the IFMA family follows and understands the code of ethics which IFMA is grounded on. If there is no respect, there can be no survival for the sport or the organization, and Muaythai and IFMA can truly pride themselves on the five pillars, respect, honour, tradition, fair play, and excellence, and that is what the IFMA Ethics Commission and the IFMA family stands for.