Erasmus + is one of the projects of the European Union directed to the development of the sport and society and providing sports opportunities to people with limited access to sports facilities. 

The successful cooperation between Polish, Portuguese and Italian Muaythai resulted in the project for Muaythai instructors which work with the youth from challenging environments.
Each national federation held a series of seminars and practical training involving sports psychologists, university lecturers, and experienced national Muaythai officials to produce interesting and useful materials for coaches from each gym of participating countries. More than 200 people took part in the project and will continue to implement knowledge and Muaythai values: Respect, Honour, Fair Play, Tradition, Excellence.

The President of the Polish Muaythai Federation, Mr. Rafal Szlachta, who had been the initiator of the project, said that it has been his vision for the last years, and he is happy to see the project brought to life and achieve great results not only in Poland. In the future, more countries can benefit from the experience gained during the project.


The coordinator of the project in Portugal Ms. Filipa Sousa said that they were happy to engage in the project. There are so many young boys and girls in Portugal which need guidance, and sport is one of the best ways to grab their attention and demonstrate with live examples what’s right and wrong.

The event in Italy found its support by the National Olympic Committee and special thanks go to Mr. Davide Carlot, IFMA Executive Board Member who was the coordinator of the Project in Italy.

Cooperation between Muaythai and Erasmus has truly proved to be very effective in building bridges between instructors and the youth in participating countries whom already are planning to compete under their national flags in the upcoming IFMA events.