The first day of the Convention saw the General Assembly of the IWGA. Muaythai was one of the candidates for inclusion as a member in this prestigious organisation. Representatives of all 33 member federations were in attendance.

The presentation for Muaythai was opened by the IFMA President Dr Tapsuwan, while the actual presentation was given by the Director of Social Projects and Events Ms Yawnghwe, followed by a three-minute promotional video based around the Muaythai anthem. The IFMA delegation in the audience also included the European Muaythai Federation General Secretary, the Russian NF President, the IFMA Media Director, the Deputy Governor of the Sport Authority of Thailand and many others.

After all the presentations, the IFMA General Secretary was called on stage with the other ring sports for a Q&A session before the vote. After a tense thirty minute wait outside the hall for the secret ballot votes to be counted, the IFMA delegation was called in and told by the IWGA President Mr Ron Froehlich that they were the only ring sport accepted that day, which certainly was a proud and historic moment for Muaythai.


IFMA will work hard to be a valuable member and work towards being one of the sports in the 2017 World Games. IFMA would like to thank the IWGA for their trust, and would like to thank everyone for their hard work on this historical day. Hurray, we made it!

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