IFMA has signed a MOU with UN Women in 2013 and has done many worldwide campaigns to create awareness and actively get involved in the UN Women campaign. The latest joined activity was for IFMA to become a partner of the launch Public Service Announcement promoting positive bystander.

Muaythai superstar, Buakhao has become the Muaythai (WMC & IFMA) representative for the UN Campaign as it is our mission to use our champions to create a positive message to raise awareness of the problems we have in the society.
IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, stated that giving back is the important part of Muaythai and Muaythai will continue this social contribution through the power of sport.


The President of the Oceania Muaythai Federation, IFMA Vice President and multiple former world champions is one of the key person driving the IFMA campaign, FEM, had stated that the partnership with UN Women is a very important one and using our champions, their fan base and followers to spread the clear IFMA & WMC message; We will help to end violence against women and girls. Panida Ottesen, Chair of the IFMA Social Responsibility Unit stated that a lot of world games have been done in the last 2 years though the national federations and their member gyms, the Muaythai events and having Buakhao being one of the representatives of the campaign shows that our athletes and champions truly care about social injustice.

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Stephan Fox, President of AIMS stated that the corporation of sports is important and IFMA signed the contract with UN Women 2 years ago and as AIMS President and IFMA General Secretary, we are proud that all our 23 sports have signed a pledge of support to the UN Women campaign.

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The VDO will be launched at the Bangkok International Film Festival on Ending Violence against Women and Girls, from 26 – 29 November 2015 at Central World. United we stand to make this world a better place. Muaythai we say NO to the discrimination of any kind.


So many activities are done around the world, with recently a charity run with over 10,000 participants organised in Mexico by IFMA executive board member and business and TV personality Eliza Salinas who stated that giving back to the communities is an important part and she is truly proud to be part of IFM family in which the right for anybody without any discrimination in sport, the protection of the youth and using Muaythai to create a positive influence is truly extraordinary.

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