IFMA is proud to give to the world so many names in martial arts. IFMA medalists become the champions in the world’s biggest promotions and grow into the true ambassadors of Muaythai no matter which disciplines they compete. 

Such names as Buakaw, Artem Vakhitov, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Valentina Shevchenko and so many more started their career from the IFMA Youth divisions transitioning to the Elite athletes and finding their glory at the biggest stadiums winning trophies for their countries.

It is a true victory for IFMA to grow outstanding athletes and witnessing their way to the top in Muaythai. Today’s biggest names in the European Muaythai are joining their national teams to bear their flag at the opening ceremony of the European Muaythai Championships 2019 and take pride in their achievements. It is a true honour for the future champions who only start their careers in the youth divisions to travel together with the world best athletes and be inspired by their success.


This year Minsk is welcoming such names as Jimmy Vienot who won all the possible titles this year. He is the IFMA world and European champions in 75 kg division. Last year Jimmy shook up the Lumpini stadium winning the WMC world title belt. A truly stunning achievement. There will be at least two athletes in Minsk who are seeking a rematch with Jimmy from previous IFMA events.
Sofia Olofsson who became an icon of the Swedish Muaythai is again ensuring her spot in the team in her 54 kg division. Sofia is a true celebrity in the world of martial arts, she was nominated for many awards in Sweden, became Athlete of the Year 2017 in the International World Games Association, and has so many medals in the IFMA events.
The hosts of the event Belarus team would send their best athletes to battle in their home European Muaythai Championships and the crowd can be sure to see the elite of the Belarus Muaythai; Dmitry Valent, Andrey Kulebin, Dmitry Varatz, all the heavy weaponry is set to raise the wall for all contenders on their way to the gold medals.


The European Muaythai Championships will be a spectacle for the entire world and in few days the Palace of Sport will see some of the brightest Muaythai rivalries of the present time.