Minsk Palace of Sport – Venue for the Muaythai European Championships 2019 Photo credit: Lucie Debelkova


Minsk has truly become the European capital of Olympic sports in 2019. The Belarus capital has been a host to many sports events including World Muaythai Championships 2017 which was the first events since muaythai was granted the Olympic recognition. 

This year Minsk again invites Elite athletes becoming the host of the European Championships 2019. The event has been approved by the City Council of Minsk and the Ministry of Sport with the Deputy Minister Mr. Alexander Baraulya sending a letter to the Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yuriy Karaev expressing full support in the organisation of the event.

One of the Minsk central sports stages the Palace of Sport was announced to be the official venue for the European Championships bringing muaythai in the heart of the city. Last year the crowd filled it to the bursting point and the cheer could be hear far beyond the Svislach river which runs past the Palace of Sport.
Minsk will undoubtedly host another great event and muaythai athletes still have fond memories about an amazing athlete’s conference at the hall of the National Olympic Committee and a breathtaking enactment of the battlefield for the national memory day.
Europe is looking forward to again arrive to the beautiful Minsk and again experience the local hospitality and Belarus culture.