A lady who needs no introduction as she has been part of the IFMA team for close to two decades. You will find Nareerat Vissutvarin, known to us all as Nat quietly working in the background making sure that the IFMA wheels keep turning. 

Nat’s international journey started in her high school years when she was an exchange student in the USA for 1 year in Thailand’s school system’s Year 11. It was in the USA that Nat completed her final  high school year.  Nat then continued her love for exploring by studying for her Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

Once Nat graduated she returned to Thailand, she began job searching and was drawn to a job advertised by the IFMA. In 2006 her journey with our muaythai federation began.  

Initially Nat worked as a coordinator for both local and international events, a role that required detailed planning and execution. She cherished every moment, from small local gatherings to grand international spectacles.  During this time, Nat stated she was fortunate to be part of the team that helped develop and drive the IFMA’s goals and to witness muaythai achieve full membership in the World Sporting Community, now known as SportAccord. “It was a proud moment for all involved,” Nat recalled.  After 2 years with the IFMA Nat felt the urge to continue her studies as she moved to the UK to undertake her Master Degree in Tourism and Marketing Management from Bournemouth University, Bournemouth. While in the UK, Nat gained valuable experience and insights that she brought with her on her return to Thailand and to the IFMA in 2010.

Over the last 14 years, Nat’s role with the IFMA has expanded as she took on the role of Senior Administrator, overseeing IFMA events both locally and Internationally. This role is critical to the smooth running of all our IFMA events and involves a variety of tasks, from event registrations to coordinating essential elements that contribute to the individual success of each event.

Nat expressed, “Through these events, I’ve had the privilege of showcasing the beauty of muaythai to the world. Watching athletes pursue their dreams and evolve from youth and developing international athletes into elite athletes. It has been a truly rewarding experience, and I’m grateful to be a small part of their journey’s.”

In addition to event coordination, I took on the role of assistant to the IFMA Secretary General. This included liaising with the Thai Government and various ministries to promote understanding of muaythai as an Olympic-recognized sport, both locally in Thailand and among the extensive global community of nations full of muaythai enthusiasts wanting to help grow muaythai as an Olympic sport.

Nat’s position within the IFMA team is key to muaythai’s success. Her humble demeanor and diligence is paramount to the IFMA accomplishments over the last two decades and she is a true credit to the IFMA team. Her quiet tenacity is exemplified in the quote she gave when asked about her IFMA journey. Nat expressed her appreciation for the IFMA saying,  “As I reflect on this long journey with IFMA, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunities to contribute to the growth of muaythai. Every role, whether coordinating events or working with government bodies, has been a stepping stone toward the greater goal of promoting muaythai on a global scale.

Nat loves being part of the muaythai journey and the IFMA team and is committed to continuing and contributing to the ongoing IFMA journey and playing her part in the everlasting prosperity of the IFMA and muaythai.