Introducing Andrew Scott

Andrew was born and grew up in a small town called Leyburn in North Yorkshire and moved to Aysgarth at  the age of 12 to live with his dad. During these years he was surrounded by music as his dad is a musician. Andrew learnt to play the guitar and piano spending much of his free time jamming with and learning from his dad. 

At 17, Andrew finished high school, moved to Leeds and began his studies at Leeds College of Music Majoring in Music Technology and delving into writing digital music. His love for music naturally took him into the world of music venues and nightclubs where he spent the next seven years as the General Manager of various nightclubs/music venues launching and running a very successful drum and bass evening called Momentum which generated a prodigious loyal following from 2002-2013.

Concurrently, inspired by martial arts movies, Andrew took up Karate at the age of 17, before moving on to Bushido with a few years of Taekwondo as well, just for fun. Six years later at 23 Andrew was introduced to Muaythai upon the recommendation of his friend and business partner and fell in love with the art. He began his muaythai journey at the Bad Company Gym in Leeds and did not look back after that! After one training session Andrew was sold on muaythai and quickly acknowledged that to him, muaythai was a lot more effective and practical than some of the other martial arts he had tried and was immediately hooked, literally and metaphorically.

Thailand and Thai culture quickly became a passion for Andrew as he went on to  Major in Thai Language and South East Asian Studies at the University of Leeds in England, spending one year in Chiang Mai University as part of his Degree requirements. During his time as a student, AndrewI had a few muaythai fights in Thailand including one bare knuckle fight outside a casino in Laos. Andrew mainly trained out of Jitti Gym in Bangkok.

His love for Thailand grew and he moved to make Thailand his home in 2007 and started work as a teacher before moving on to manage a company that provided corporate hospitality.

Andrew’s love of muaythai could not be quelled and he searched out every opportunity to be involved in the sport and art. His passion and dedication lead to Andrew accepting the opportunity to work for the World Muaythai Council in 2016 taking up the prestigious position of Sports Director. Immediately, Andrew’s skills, knowledge and passion were recognised and he was appointed and additionally employed as the coordinator for the IFMA education system. Andrew continues to indulge his love of muaythai and works tirelessly to help grow and develop the sport internationally. 

Currently residing in Bangkok, Andrew loves spending time with his son Lucas, who is seven years old. Lucas is named for Luke Skywalker as Andrew is a big Star Wars fan.