2018 will see not one but two IFMA World Championship events organised beach side in 2 amazing beach resorts. First stop will take us to the American continent and the beautiful setting of Cancun, Mexico for the IFMA World Championship & International Tournament.  Next stop takes us to the other side of the globe to Asia for the FISU World University Championships in Thailand.

The IFMA World Championship & International Tournament will take place in the idyllic all-inclusive beach resort, The Oasis in Cancun and the event will offer its participants an amazing experience with a “one-stop-shop” vibe with all activities, accommodation, catering, competition, ceremonies and meetings all taking place at the resort.

The FISU World University Championships will take us to Pattaya, one of the most thriving cities on Thailand’s east coast. The same principle applies, with the entire event held inside a beach side resort. Additionally, since it’s an event for our young student athletes, organisers are planning Pattaya’s biggest foam party for the closing event!


IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that IFMA will continue to provide the best possible experience for its most important assets – the athletes…

“to ensure that we continue our belief in integrating sport, cultural exchange, friendship and fun.”