Korea is a country with a proud Martial art tradition, with Taekwondo under the World Taekwondo Federation being a proud participant in the Olympic games. For the last 10 years, every year the Korean Martial Art festival has taken place, where muaythai has been one of the founding members to promote muaythai as a cultural art form with all it’s disciplines.

An important meeting took place in Seoul in which some of the world’s leading martial arts participated, taekwondo, judo, ju-jitsu, wushu, sambo, muaythai and many others, to discuss a possible master games in 2016 organised by the Korean government. Korea Muaythai President, Mr Yeo also a member of the Olympic committee of Korea and a 9th Dan in Judo, one of the most decorated Judokas in the world, was representing muaythai along with the IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox.


High government officials and the top representatives from each martial art, attended the meeting; discussion on rules and regulations took place in order to finalise this important event for 2016.