30 Asian countries sent representatives to the Posco Global R&D Center attend the 2013 Annual FAMA General Meeting which was chaired by FAMA General Secretary Mr. Mervyn Tan.

The meeting was an important one with many important topics discussed. IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed all attendees on behalf of IFMA. The IFMA General Secretary was invited to make presentations on the upcoming World Combat Games (WCG) and a standing ovation was given to IFMA for its acceptance into the International World Games Association (IWGA).

Mr. Tan stated that FAMA was the first continental federation established under IFMA which has kept its stronghold. 2014 will see 2 big events in Asia, the 2014 World Championships in Malaysia and the Asian Beach Games in Thailand. He appealed to everyone to keep working in the spirit of fair play and excellence and to support IFMA with its IOC application which is looking to be very promising.

He also welcomed the representatives of all the other continental federations as guests of FAMA and noted that the exchange of knowledge is important for the overall development of muaythai.