No doubts that a full Muaythai team will be included in the World Championships 2018 in Cancun to defend the honour of the host country in the historical first World Muaythai Championships in the American Continent. 

Two most renowned Mexican Muaythai athletes Iván Valenzuela and Osvaldo Rangel are set to lead the home team to the top of the World Championships medal table.
Iván Valenzuela, one of the most renowned athletes, participant of the Pan-American Championships 2017 and the World Championships 2017 in Minsk said that Mexico is taking the event very seriously, and a lot of hard training has been put in towards the success of the team in Cancun.
Osvaldo Rangel, two-time Mexican champion, and participant of the World Championships in 2016, and 2017 is one of the contenders for medals in Mexico.
The paradise-like beaches of Cancun are getting ready for all IFMA muaythai teams from 10 to 19 May where Mexican athletes will show all the development of the sport in this part of the world.
Muaythai World is looking forward to the biggest muaythai event in 2018 with its first time to visit the American continent.