IFMA is fully recognised under the Olympic Committee of Italy (CONI) as part of Federkombat under the presidency of Donato Milano and the muaythai leadership of Davide Carlot.

This year’s IFMA world championships will be held in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, and over the last two months qualifications have taken place all over Italy with the finals having 450 male and female athletes competing across 5 rings to decide who will have the honour of wearing the Italian colours at the IFMA World Championships.

All the Italian superstars turned up and it was high-level event with a capacity crowd.

Forza Italy! Fantastic work from the grassroots to the elite level and it shows once again our sport and art can grow as an IOC and National Olympic-recognised sport and federation.

The world is looking forward to seeing Team Italy in Greece from the 31st of May to the 10th of June.